TTi PLH series DC power supplies

We no longer have the TTi PLH series in our product range, please refer to our overview page.

With the TTi PLH series DC power supplies, TTI offers a laboratory power supply with a relatively high output voltage. The PL-H series is characterized by the Ultra Low Noise specifications as a consequence of pure linear regulation. Also, this series DC power supplies offer a lot of user convenience in the form of V-span and S-lock functions.

The two different models of the PLH series DC power supplies are available with one output in a 0-120Vdc/0-750mA and 0-250Vdc/0-360 mA version. The PLH series is also equipped with 4-digit V/I meters and has analog rotary switches. Voltage and current values are easy to “lock” and the “voltage span” function allows precise settings in a user-defined control range.

All PLH series models are also available as PLH-P versions (programmable version). The DC power supplies are equipped with an RS-232, USB and LAN (Ethernet/LXI) interface. The GPIB interface is also optionally available. The interfaces are grounded and optically isolated from the DC outputs.

TTI carries DC power supplies with a single, double or even tripple output, which can generally be used independently or in series/parallel mode. The power range is 30 to 1,200 Watts. The power control used is based on linear, mixed mode or power flex. Interfaces for remote control are, depending on model or version, analog, USB, RS232, GPIB and LAN.

The PLH & PLH-P series models:

  • PLH120,0 to 120V at 0 to 750mA
  • PLH250,0 to 250V at 0 to 360mA
  • PLH120-P. 0 to 120V at 0 to 750mA
  • PLH250-P. 0 to 250V at 0 to 360mA


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