The Pegasus Dry Block Calibrator range from Isotech is designed for extremely high temperature calibration in an easy to use portable package: ideal for the calibration of high temperature thermocouples. The device is designed to heat quickly and finds applications in the glass, electrical, automotive and material processing industries.

A Blackbody target can be added for the calibration of infrared thermometers. The standard insert has four 8mm pockets of 80mm deep. The optional Blackbody target is used with a specially curved Type R thermocouple located directly behind the target.

These award-winning calibrators are easy to use and are available in three versions: Pegasus Basic, Pegasus Site and Pegasus Advanced. The Basic has a digital display of set and nominal temperature. The Site also has a built-in independent temperature indicator for a reference probe. The Advanced controller has inputs for reference and test thermometers with a new range of advanced features such as automatic temperature cycling, secure data logging and high-resolution full-colour display.

The Pegasus Dry Block Calibrator Basic model must be used with an external reference probe and indicator, such as the milliK. The thermocouples to be tested are calibrated by comparison with the external probe.

All models are equipped with I-Cal Easy Log software. The Advanced models also include software for managing logged data and unit configuration.

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