The Pacific Power LMX line of linear programmable AC power supplies consists of single-phase and three-phase models ranging from 500 VA to 6 kVA. By parallel connection, up to 30kVA is possible. The rated output voltage of these AC power supplies is adjustable up to 600Vrms L-L with a frequency from 15Hz to as high as 5000Hz. With the 3-phase models, all parameters of each phase can be set completely independently.

Linear design with exceptional performance

The linear design of the LMX provides very stable and pure AC voltage with a THD of less than 0.1% and a ripple and noise level lower than 50mVrms. An exceptional voltage accuracy of 0.03% is achieved by continuous self-calibration with the LMX’s internal reference voltmeter. The Crest factor is at least 6:1, which means that the power supply can handle short but very high current peaks during a half period of the sine wave. The response time of the power supply to varying loads is also extreme: 5us. The LMX is equipped with programmable positive and negative output impedance. The purpose of this is to simulate or compensate for the effects of high peak current -, cable distribution -, or transformer losses.

Building custom waveforms and wave patterns

In addition to the standard sine wave, the Pacific Power LMX series is equipped with 200 pre-programmed AC waveforms. These include waveforms with different levels of distortion for simulating an overdriven clipped sine wave. These waveforms can be customized by specifying the amplitude and phase angle. The user can also create arbitrary waveforms using Pacific Power’s PPSC Studio Windows software or other software and download them to the LMX. The graphical representation of the selected waveform is shown in the display to ensure that the correct waveform is applied for testing. The LMX also provides a user-friendly solution for simulating voltage and frequency fluctuations. A List mode, Pulse mode and Step mode are provided to easily vary frequency, amplitude and DC offset as a function of time for the 3 phases individually or simultaneously.

Furthermore, this AC source is equipped with a built-in oscilloscope making it easy to monitor voltage, current and their mutual phase shifts. The harmonic spectrum of voltage and current is also displayed, both graphically and numerically

Controls LMX linear programmable AC power supplies

All functions can be operated from the clear touch screen or via external USB, LAN, RS-232 or IEEE 488.2/SCPI BUS. LabVIEW for Windows® and LabWindows® Instrument Drivers are available. The LMX also features an HDMI interface to connect an external display for monitoring measurements at other locations on the lab or production floor. The power supply is also WIFI compatible and can be easily controlled remotely by smartphone or tablet via the built-in LXI browser interface.

Challenging applications

This linear LMX series from Pacific Power with high-end performance developed for the most demanding AC power applications. These include accurately simulating mains voltages with all possible disturbances to perform compliance testing on mains-powered equipment. Both commercial and military aviation have very high demands in this regard. With its high accuracy and wide frequency range (up to 50kHz small signal), the LMX is therefore an excellent partner for testing electrical equipment in this sector.

Models Pacific Power LMX linear programmable AC power supplies

Single Phase models

Model Rated Power (VA) Output Form
105LMX 500
108LMX 750
112LMX 1200
140LMX 4000
160LMX 6000


Three Phase models

Model Rated Power (VA) Output Form
305LMX 500
308LMX 750
312LMX 1200
320LMX 2000
345LMX 4500
360LMX 6000

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