The Pacific Power AFX series consists of a range of powerful switching programmable AC/DC power supplies. These models are AC, DC, AC+DC and DC+AC compatible. Single models are available in capacities from 6kVA to 15kVA in a compact 4U high enclosure. Larger capacities are available in a cabinet with capacities up to 90kVA and by parallel switching this can be expanded to 180kVA. All models are suitable for driving both single-phase, 3-phase and split-phase applications with each phase being individually adjustable. For a switching power supply, the AFX series delivers outstanding performance. The frequency range is no less than 3000Hz at an accuracy of barely 0.01%. The user has a voltage range in AC mode up to 333Vl-n/576Vl-l. In DC mode, voltages up to 425V are available. The AFX can then be used as a single channel DC source, as well as a three channel bi-directional DC source.

An internal reference voltmeter provides continuous self-calibration. As a result, the accuracy of voltage and current reaches an exceptional precision of 0.02% over the reference meter.

One voltage range for full power

Traditional AC power supplies often use multiple voltage ranges to deliver high currents within a given voltage range. In contrast, the AFX series uses a single voltage range that operates with a constant power curve. This eliminates the need to switch between different ranges and still have the highest possible current available at all times. This also applies in DC mode, by the way. A useful feature for testing converters and inverters that have a ‘wide range input’.

Short-time overload mode

Pacific Power AFX sources are equipped with an overload mode that the user can enable or disable if desired. This allows up to 130% of maximum current to be delivered to the load for a period of up to 2 seconds without triggering the overcurrent protection. This also keeps the AFX a reliable partner during testing where current spikes are generated. Think of current spikes when machines are turned on or motors are cranked.

Simulation of wave patterns

In addition to generating a pure sine wave, the Pacific Power AFX series is equipped with 200 pre-programmed AC waveform patterns and distortion effects that affect the sine wave. These waveforms can be customized by specifying amplitude and phase angle. Random waveforms can be fully customized using Pacific Power’s PPSC Studio Windows software. The AFX also offers a user-friendly solution for simulating voltage and frequency fluctuations with a List mode, Pulse mode and Step mode. Here, the user can easily vary the frequency, amplitude and DC offset as a function of time to build sequences that can include up to 200 steps for the 3 phases individually or simultaneously.

Furthermore, this AC source is equipped with a built-in oscilloscope making it easy to monitor voltage, current and their mutual phase shifts. The harmonic spectrum of voltage and current is also displayed both graphically and numerically

Operation and communication AFX series programmable AC/DC power supplies

The AFX programmable AC/DC power supplies are easy to operate from the touch screen or control via common communication interfaces such as USB, LAN, RS232 and GPIB. The power supply can also be controlled via WIFI and an HDMI output is provided to connect an external monitor.

Modellen AFX series programmable AC/DC power supplies

Model Rated Power (VA) Output Form Output Volts-Max (Vac/Vdc¹) Output Amps/Phs (Aac/Adc²)
Bench or Rack Mount Models
360AFX 6000 1,2,3 Ø 333 (L-N) / 425 16.7 / 8.3
390AFX 9000 1,2,3 Ø 333 (L-N) / 425 25.0 / 12.6
3120AFX 12000 1,2,3 Ø 333 (L-N) / 425 33.3 / 16.7
3150AFX 15000 1,2,3 Ø 333 (L-N) / 425 41.7 / 21.0
Cabinet Systems
3180AFX 18000 1,2,3 Ø 333 (L-N) / 425 50.0 / 25.0
3240AFX 24000 1,2,3 Ø 333 (L-N) / 425 66.7 / 33.4
3300AFX 30000 1,2,3 Ø 333 (L-N) / 425 83.3 / 41.7
3450AFX 45000 1,2,3 Ø 333 (L-N) / 425 125.0 / 62.5
3600AFX 60000 1,2,3 Ø 333 (L-N) / 425 166.7 / 83.3
3750AFX 75000 1,2,3 Ø 333 (L-N) / 425 208.3 / 104.1
3900AFX 90000 1,2,3 Ø 333 (L-N) / 425 250.0 / 125.0


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