With new features, the Ohm Labs Multiple Current Shunt (MCS) overcomes many of the main problems associated with accurate flow measurement for the first time.

Traditional passive current shunts generate heat through power. Heat changes the resistance and therefore the output voltage. Different strategies such as fin design and even adding fans have been tried out to reduce errors from self-heating.

The Multiple Current Shunt connects the cooling modules to the shunts themselves. A thermistor, embedded in the shunt, monitors the temperature. As the temperature rises with the current supply, the cooling modules remove heat, reducing the main source of uncertainty in current measurement. The internal bus minimizes connection errors as known in many other shunts. A set of 10 K thermistors allows the user to monitor the temperature of each shunt during operation.

All shunts in the MCS series have a bifilar construction, for close AC/DC compliance.

ISO 17025 accredited calibration traceable to NIST for the full current range of each shunt is included. The calibration report includes current / temperature characterization for each shunt.

For less than the cost of five precision shunts, the Multi Current Shunt delivers superior performance and greater versatility.

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