Ohm Labs 2000 low resistance standards

The Ohm Labs 2000 low resistance standards are designed as primary laboratory references for maintaining the unit of resistance below 1 ohm. Based on recent progress in material processing, these standards have been developed to ensure good long-term stability. Models 2000, 2001 and 2002 (1 ohm, 0.1 ohm and 0.01 ohm) have a nickel alloy element. With careful heat treatment low temperature coefficients can be realized. The standards are placed in a hermetically sealed housing to be relatively immune to changes of ambient temperature and relative humidity.

You can use these models in oil at a constant temperature of 25°C or in air at 23°C. Models 2003, 2004 and 2005 (1 milli-Ohm to 10 micro-ohm) are made with Manganin alloy elements. They are fixed in a perforated jug for better heat dissipation. These models are recommended for use in stirred oil at 25 °C. All models are supplied with ISO 17025 accredited calibration including temperature coefficient data. The 2000 series are available for intermediate values by special order.

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in ppm





2000 1 Ohm <5 1 Amp < 2 ppm / °C
2001 0.1 <5 3
2002 0.01 <15 10
2003 0.001 <20 30 < 15 ppm / °C


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