The Ohm-Labs 1000 Series Low Resistance standards are very stable resistors designed for laboratory testing or to be used for on-site calibration. The calibration report provides full characterization, with temperature coefficient determination at 25, 50, 75 and 100 % of nominal current.

The stated accuracy includes 12 months stability, resistance change from 18 – 30 °C and coefficient effects to the full nominal flow. Due to the low temperature and power coefficients, the resistance standards can be used in a variety of environments without loss of accuracy.

They are not significantly affected by the change in barometric pressure or relative humidity and are resistant to moderate vibrations and shocks. They have little reactance, so they can be used for both direct and alternating current standards.

All models are housed in a robust die-cast aluminium housing. The internal shock-resistant construction reduces the possibility of value shifts due to vibration or shock. Connections are made via gold-plated 5-way bonding posts, which accept bare wire, fork connectors or banana plugs. All models are supplied with ISO 17025 certified, NIST traceable calibration data.


Model Resistance Current TCR Accuracy
1000 1 Ohm 1A <1 <20 ppm
1001 0.1 3 <1 <50
1002 0.01 10 <2 <50
1003 1 mOhm 30 <5 <100
1004 0.1 100 <20 <300
1005 0.01 300 <50 <1000


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