R&S NGP800 series 2 and 4 channel DC power supplies

  • 400W of 800Watt (FlexPower)
  • 64V/10A, 32V/20A
  • Parallel and Serial use
  • Arbitrary, Ramp & Delay functies
  • Data logging
  • Digital remote control (USB-TMC, USB-CDC (Virtual COM), LAN)
  • Optional WLAN

The R&S NGP800 series 2 and 4 channel DC power supplies

The R&S® NGP800 DC power supplies consist of five models with an output of 400W or 800W. The two or four 200W FlexPower outputs can each provide up to 64V or 20A. If a higher voltage or current is required, the electrically identical and galvanically isolated outputs can be connected in series or parallel for up to 250V or 80A. With this R&S® NGP800 power supply series it is possible to synchronize the outputs, to perform test patterns. In addition, measurement data can be logged and then easily exported as CSV files for further analysis or documentation of the test results.

Features of the R&S® NGP800

The R&S® NGP800 can be seen as 2 or 4 power supplies in one housing. Per output the following functions are available; Arbirtrary waveform programming, Ramp and Delay, Remote Sensing, Built-in measurements and Datalogging. The measurement functions for voltage and current have a resolution of 1mV and 0.5mA. It makes the use of an external DVM unnecessary in many cases.

Control of this versatile power supply is via the eye-catching high-resolution touch display on which detailed statistics are also displayed. All R&S®NGP800 power supplies are equipped with remote sense terminals, USB and a LAN interface. A user-installable GPIB interface, a digital trigger I/O, an analogue input and a wireless LAN interface are optional, making these instruments ideal for use in the R&D and test laboratory as well as in an automated test system.

Keywords for this DC power supply are also: FlexPower, multi-channel, remote control, Touch screen.

R&S® NGP800 Models

  • R&S®NGP802 (2 channel, 400 W, 0 V – 32 V, 0 A – 20 A)
  • R&S®NGP804 (4 channel, 800 W, 0 V – 32 V, 0 A – 20 A)
  • R&S®NGP814 (4 channel, 800 W, 0 V – 32 V, 0 V – 64 V, 0 A – 20 A, 0 A – 10 A)
  • R&S®NGP822 (2 channel, 400 W, 0 V – 64 V, 0 A – 10 A)
  • R&S®NGP824 (4 channel, 800 W, 0 V – 64 V, 0 A – 10 A)


If you have any questions about prices and/or delivery times, or if you would like a demonstration of one of the NGP Series DC power supplies, please contact us. We would be happpy to advise you in choosing the best DC power supply for your application.

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