The NGL200 bi-directional Lab power supplies

The NGL200 bi-directional Lab power supplies from Rohde&Schwarz are again an addition to the broad line of laboratory DC power supplies.

The high resolution and accuracy of the NGL200 power supplies makes them perfect for challenging applications. The 2 quadrant (unipolar) power supply with a linear output stage makes it possible to both supply power (source mode) and dissipate power. (Sink mode) and is therefore excellent for emulating batteries. This with an extremely low noise and ripple specification.

The series consists of two models; the NGL201 and the NGL202 with respectively one and two fully galvanic isolated channels.

Specifications of the NGL200 bi-directional Lab power supplies

Each channel has a maximum output power of 60W. This at an adjustable voltage between 0 and 20V. At voltages below 6V, the maximum current is 6A. Above that, the maximum current is 3A. Of course the power supply is equipped with sense lines so you can be sure that the accurate voltage is actually at the terminals of the DUT.

Unique to this DC power supply is the super fast load response. This is smaller than 30µsec which is really fast for a DC power supply. You can choose from three operating modes, Constant Current, Constant Voltage and Constant Resistance. To protect the test unit it is possible to set safety limits. And also this with an extremely high resolution.

The operation of the unit is extremely intuitive by means of the beautiful large touch screen. The reading of the actual test values is done with a 6½ digit digital multimeter. The NG200 power supplies can be programmed via USB or LAN interface. Optional are the Wireless LAN and GPIB interface.


The NLG200 series is extremely suitable as a precision DC power supply for testing semiconductors in line with applications for IoT’s and battery cell emulation. An adjustable output impedance ensures accurate emulation at different currents.

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