The NGE100 series DC power supplies from Rohde & Schwarz consist of robust, high quality, affordable instruments. They offer high efficiency combined with low ripple, and a variety of useful features you won’t often find in this class of power supplies.

The NGE100 Series

The NGE100 DC power supply series consists of the NGE102 2-channel power supply and the NGE103 3-channel power supply. Both supply an output power of up to 33.6 W per channel with a maximum voltage of 0-32V and a maximum current of 0-3A. In contrast to most power supplies in this class, the NGE100 power supplies have 100% electrically equivalent output channels. All outputs are ground free and short-circuit proof. The output channels can be combined serially or in parallel to achieve higher voltages or higher currents (up to 96 V/9 A with all three channels of the NGE103).

To protect the instrument and the device to be tested (DUT), the NGE100 DC power supplies offer a variety of protection functions. For each channel, users can individually set the maximum current (electronic fuse, overcurrent protection, OCP), maximum voltage (overvoltage protection, OVP) or maximum power (network protection, OPP). When such a limit is reached, the corresponding output channel is switched off. Overtemperature protection (OTP) prevents the instrument from overheating. And all this with very easy settings from the front panel or through the software. The extended settings can also be stored in an internal memory so that frequently used settings are always realized again with a few keys.


In industrial applications, power supplies are often installed in 19″ racks. The HZC95 rackmount kit makes it possible to mount the power supplies in racks, also in combination with HMC testinstruments. The NGE100 series DC power supplies can be controlled remotely via USB or optionally via Ethernet or even wireless LAN. These models can also be expanded with Digital Trigger I/O.

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