The WF1967/WF1968 function generators of NF

This is NF‘s conception of a function generator that possesses all the fundamental properties and provides a complete answer to the demand for high quality signals. Moreover, the WF1967/WF1968 function generators are equipped with features that are nowhere else to be found than with NF. The frequency range runs from 0.01 µHz to 200 MHz and the output voltage is up to 20 Vp-p unloaded. All important functions such as FM, FSK, PM, PSK, AM, DC offset modulation and PWM modulation are already integrated in the instrument. These generators are equipped with USB, GPIB and optionally a LAN interface.

The NF Function Generators models

Within this series you can choose between two models:
– NF WF1967 with one available channel
– NF WF1968 with two available channels

A Multi Input/Output cable is also available as an option.

The WF1967/WF1968 in brief

  • 0,01 μHz to 200 MHz
  • 420 MS/s, 16 bit, 1 M point
  • Up to 20 V (Vp-p) 1 W Output
  • Various modulation and sweep options
  • GPIB, USB and optional LAN interface


For more information about function generators, please refer to the overview page or contact one of our consultants. They will be happy to help you with the right solution for your application.

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