The WF1947 / WF1948 function generators of WF1947/WF1948

Since NF developed its first function generator in Japan, it has been focused on their customers’ needs. The NF function generators (NF WF1947/WF1948)have evolved along with the wishes of the users and NF’s determination to fulfil them. These generators are part of the WAVE FACTORY product portfolio. The WAVE FACTORY products have an accurate and stable output signal, a multitude of output waveforms, various oscillation modes for various applications, excellent user-friendliness as well as flexible generation of waveforms needed by engineers.

The frequency range of the NF WF1947/WF1948 generators runs from 0.01 µHz to 30 MHz and the output voltage has a maximum of 20 Vp-p unloaded. All major functions such as FM, FSK, PM, PSK, AM, DC offset modulation and PWM modulation are already integrated into the instrument. These generators are equipped with USB and GPIB interface.

The NF WF1947/WF1948 models

From this series you can choose the following two models:
– WF1947       Single channel
– WF1948      Two channels

Features of the NF WF1947/WF1948

  • 0,01 μHz to 30 MHz
  • 120 MS/s, 16 bit, 4 M point
  • Up to 20 V (Vp-p) 1 W Output
  • Various modulation and sweep options
  • GPIB and USB interface


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