NF FRA50x7 series Frequency Response Analyzers

The NF FRA50x7 series Frequency Response Analyzers measure the frequency response very accurately. The high accuracy and functionality that makes FRA’s so unique have been greatly improved to make NF’s FRA’s even more useful and convenient!

The excellent noise-cancelling property of Fourier transformers is used to accurately determine the frequency response. Because the inputs are floating and the range is automatically adjusted, dynamically changing frequency responses can be measured quickly and accurately, without worrying about signal and ground levels.

The dynamic range of the FRA50x7 series is 140 dB. Measurement results can be displayed graphically as Bode, Nyquist, Nicols and Cole-Cole diagrams. The displayed display and the measured data can be stored on a USB memory. A built-in printer can print the screen content, making it easy to save the measurements and create a report of the measurement.


FRA5087 0.1 mHz to 10 MHz
FRA5097 0.1 mHz to 15 MHz


For the FRA50x7 several adapters, a shunt resistor and a signal injector probe are available.
The overview below briefly shows what else you can expect from this product.

  • Basic Accuracy 0.05 dB, Phase Accuracy 0.3 °
  • Frequency 100 µHz – 10 / 15 MHz
  • Isolated Output and Inputs
  • 140 dB dynamic range
  • GPIB, USB interfaces


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