NF BA4825 bipolar amplifiers

NF Corporation supplies bipolar amplifiers, also called 4-quadrant amplifiers, in various power ranges up to a bandwidth of 2 MHz. Due to its bipolar design, the NF BA4825 bipolar amplifier can both supply and dissipate current (energy). This is also referred to as the Source and Sink mode. The NF BA4825 bipolar amplifiers can handle signals with a range from DC to 2 MHz with voltages up to 300Vpp and has a slew rate of 500Vμs respectively. This makes this bipolar amplifier very suitable for driving capacitive or inductive loads, such as electromagnets or piezo electrical materials. The NF BA4825 is a fast bipolar amplifier, available with a bandwidth of DC – 2MHz.

Summary of the product

  • 4 kwadrant amplifier
  • Band width: DC-2 MHz
  • 100Vrms, 0.5A
  • Rise time: 500V μSec
  • Polarity switching

Key words for this bipolar amplifier are: inductive/capacitive load, high slew rate, External I/O. For detailed specifications, please refer to the NF EC datasheet.

About NF Corporation

NF Corporation was founded in 1959 with the noble mission of providing the world with unique products. NF also achieved this through its high precision control loop. A technique that was not very widespread in Japan at the time. This pioneering spirit is still alive and well at NF, which proactively explores new areas and develops new products. The aim of this is to contribute to new-generation R&D and thereby advance society.

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