NF Corporation carries bipolar amplifiers, also known as 4 quadrant amplifiers, in different power ranges up to a bandwidth of 50 MHz. The bipolar design allows the different models to deliver power (energy) as well as dissipate. This is also called the Source and Sink mode.

The models in the BA series are capable of receiving signals ranging from DC to 50 MHz with voltages up to 300Vpp and have a slew rate of 500V/μs en 6000V/μs respectively.

This makes this bipolar amplifier very suitable for controlling capacitive or inductive loads, such as electromagnets or piezoelectric materials.

The BA series BA4825 and BA4850 bipolar models are fast bipolar amplifiers, available with a bandwidth of DC – 2 MHz and DC -50 MHz.

The BA models:

  • NF BA4825
  • NF BA4850

The keywords of this bipolar amplifier are: inductive/capacitive load, high slew rate, External I/O. Please check the NF EC datasheet for detailed specifications.