The Newtons4th (N4L) PPA3500 series Power Analyzers is a series of power analyzers with a dual display and up to six channels. The dual core power processing also ensures that you don’t have processing or playback speed data loss when using both screens to display the measurement data that is important to you. A mix of power readings and, for example, an oscilloscope image is therefore possible.

Basic specifications are: a bandwidth from 10mHz to 1MHz, a voltage range from 1Vpk to 2500Vhp (1000Vrms) and a current range through the built-in shunt from 100mA to 300Apk (20Arms) or, depending on the model chosen, 300mA to 1000Apk (30Arms).

All PPA models come with an external shunt input per channel for measurement of higher currents. External shunts and current clamps are also available as accessories. In addition, this power analyzer also has inputs for torque and speed sensors. This makes it possible to perform efficiency measurements of PWM motors with just one power analyzer.

In addition to the power analyzer function, the PPA3500 also includes a True RMS Voltmeter, harmonic analyzer with Bar graph, impedance measurement and oscilloscope feature. Particularly useful should you also want to explore the wave form of voltage and current.

In addition to the power analyzer, the PPA3500 also features a True RMS Voltmeter, harmonic analyzer with Bar graph, impedance measurement and oscilloscope function. The latter is particularly useful if you also want to explore the waveform of voltage and current a little bit further.

Model of the PPA3500 series Power Analyzers:

  • PPA3510,1 channel
  • PPA3520 -PPA3520,2 channels
  • PPA3530,3 channels
  • PPA3540,4 channels
  • PPA3550,5 channels
  • PPA3560,6 channels
  • PPA3510-HC, 1 channel high current
  • PPA3520-HC, 2 channels high current
  • PPA3530-HC, 3 channels high current
  • PPA3540-HC, 4 channels high current
  • PPA3550-HC, 5 channels high current
  • PPA3560-HC, 6 channels high current


A number of unique features of all Newtons4th Power Analyzers:

  • The internal current point. In order to measure such a range of current correctly (100mA to 300Apk in 8 ranges with a frequency range of 10mHz-1MHz), most suppliers use 2 shunts instead of one. However, the disadvantage of this is that you need to change connections and the extra risk of blowing up the small shunt.
  • Another advantage of Newtons4th power analyzers is the No Gap measurements. N4L uses a Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) technique instead of FFT. It analyzes the input signals in real time, so you don’t miss events in your calculations.
  • A third unique feature is the accuracy of the phase measurement, which is 0.01deg + (0.01thg×kHz). Especially in power calculation (W) for inductive or capacitive loads, this is of great importance with regard to measurement errors.
  • Standard applications such as standby power measurements, inrush current and ballast measurements for lighting can easily be set using the application settings


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