N4L SFRA45 Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer

The N4L SFRA45 is a Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer with a bandwidth from 5 Hz to 45 MHz and offers a highly portable solution for IEC60076-18 compliant measurements of transformer frequency response.

With the built-in color display and battery power you can use this tablet-like instrument with and without PC software. With the available SFRAComm software, the user can call up a database of transformer sweeps to compare the current measurement with. This offers the possibility to perform a ‘fingerprint’ analysis next to all other comparative analyses.

The SFRA brings a range of frequencies into the windings of a transformer. When the transformer is built correctly, the frequency response gives a certain image that we call the ‘fingerprint’. Over the lifetime of the transformer, this can be used to detect aging.

The measurements are carried out as a final check during production, before a short circuit test. Also before and after transport and during periodic maintenance.

Standard is the Customer Cable Reel with a length of up to 50 meters.

And optionally theUSB to 9 Pin RS232 Serial Converter.

The most important features

  • Basic Accuracy 0.02 dB, Phase Accuracy 0.025 °
  • Frequency 5 Hz – 45 MHz
  • Oscilloscope function
  • Isolated Generator
  • RS-232, LAN standard


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