N4L PPA5500-TE series power analyzer

The (Newtons4th) N4L PPA5500-TE series power analyzer is a special version of the PPA-5500 series. The letters TE stand for Transformer Edition. A Power Analyzer that has been developed specifically for the transformer market. This is reflected in a number of very specific specifications.

The basic accuracy is 0.15% with a power factor from 1 to 0.5: not impressive. However, at a power factor of 0.02 to 0.01, this is still 0.55%. Which is extremely accurate at such a low power factor value.

These accuracies can only be achieved if an extremely good phase measurement is possible between voltage and current. And this is just one of Newtons4th’s specialities. The phase meter has an accuracy of 0.003 degrees: unique in this market.

A number of other specifications are: a voltage range from 300mVpk to 3000Vhp (1000Vrms) in 9 ranges and via the built-in shunt a current from 100mA to 300Apk (30Arms) via 9 ranges.

Models series of the N4L PPA5500-TE series power analyzer – as mentioned earlier, there are three models in this series:

  • PPA5510-TE, 1 kanaal (30Arms)
  • PPA5520-TE, 2 kanalen (30Arms)
  • PPA5530-TE, 3 kanalen (30Arms)


A number of unique features of all N4L Power Analyzers:

  • The Newtons4th power analyzers carry the so-called No Gap measurements. N4L uses a Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) technique instead of FFT. It analyzes the input signals in real time, so you don’t miss events in your calculations.
  • If you want to carry out accurate loss measurements on transformers, there is only one power analyzer that gives you such an accurate result.


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