The N4A series single-phase AC power supplies from Newtons4th

Newtons4th carries two programmable single-phase AC power supplies, with a capacity of 3 kVA and 6 kVA. The N4l N4A Series single-phase AC power supplies have a so-called directly linked output stage, which also makes it possible to generate a DC or AC+DC output voltage. A striking feature is the fact that this series of power supplies can deliver maximum power for 3 seconds to twice the maximum power output.

The basic frequency of the N4l N4A Series single-phase AC power supplies is adjustable from 15Hz to 1000Hz, with a bandwidth of 10 kHz for small signals. The output voltage is adjustable from 0-300Vrms. In DC mode, this equals 0-424Vdc. Extensive measurement functions have been integrated into the power supply. Operation of the power supply can be controlled manually or remotely via the standard RS232, USB or LAN interface.
Extensive software is included free of charge.

Harmonics and Flicker testing according to IEC standards?

Distinctive for the Newtons4th’ N4A series single-phase AC power supplies is the ability to deliberately simulate disruptions and deformations using a built-in arbitrary function generator. In addition to the function for this so-called Power Line Disturbance (PLD), harmonic distortion can also be generated. Newtons4th’ AC power supplies are also suitable for compliance testing for Harmonics according to IEC 61000-3-2, Flicker according to IEC 61000-3-3-3 and immunity tests according to IEC 61000-4-7/-15 in combination with the Newtons4th PPA5511 power analyzers and an IMPxxxx1 impedance network. In combination with the free software you will then have a complete compliant test solution for these standards.

The N4A Series of Newtons4th consists of the following models

  • Model N4A03, 3 kVA single phase
  • Model N4A06, 6 kVA single phase

Newtons4th also carries three-phase AC power supplies in the power range from 18kVA to 67kVA.  In combination with the Newtons4th PPA5531 power analyzers and an IMPxx3 impedance network, they can also be used for the compliant Harmonic and flicker tests.

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