N4L LPA series broadband signal amplifiers

Newtons4th’s N4L LPA range of power amplifiers is a robust and reliable design for use in a variety of industrial and laboratory applications. Originally designed for use with the PSM range (Phase Sensitive Multimeters) and Frequency Response Analyzers (FRA).  But also widely used in applications where it is necessary to amplify a voltage or current signal. The LPA amplifiers combine DC accuracy with a relatively high bandwidth to faithfully reproduce complex waveforms, suitable for loads that can be capacitive, inductive or ohmic. If desired, the DC component can be eliminated with AC coupling, and AC + DC coupling is also possible. Any unwanted high frequency noise can be reduced with a linear phase, 2nd order, low pass filter for low frequency applications. The gain of the amplifier is selectable from three Gain settings.

The amplifiers of the N4L LPA series can be used in a wide range of applications including: High frequency currents up to 5A for testing inductances and wound components. High frequency excitation of servos and actuators, and for driving high voltage actuators (e.g. piezo). Depending on the model, voltages up to +/- 400 and 8A are feasible with these LPA amplifiers.

Global specifications N4L LPA series

  • DC accurate and wide bandwidth (up to 1MHz)
  • Switch selectable coupling options: AC, AC+DC or AC with reduced DC
  • Switch selectable precision gain settings and selectable bandwidth
  • High slew rate
  • Stable into wide range of loads
  • Isolated to 40V common mode to reject ground loop currents.
  • Robust metal enclosure

LPA Models

LPA400 +/- 400V peak, 50mA rms
LPA400B +/- 180V peak, 100mA rms
LPA01 1A Peak output current @ up to +/- 14V peak
LPA05A resistive load +/- 40V peak, 3A rms / 5A peak
LPA05B resistive load +/- 16V peak, 5A rms / 8A peak


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