MI model 6010D primary resistance/thermometry bridge

MI Model 6010D is a fully automated resistance ratio bridge based on the Direct-Current-Comparator (DCC) principle. Using innovative technology, the 6010 is the preferred primary resistance measuring system for most national laboratories worldwide due to its speed and accuracy.

The MI 6010D has been designed for flexibility, ease of use and is ideally suited for stand-alone use or with the Windows-based software with real-time uncertainty analysis, logging (history, graphs and regression analysis of MI.

Only after many years of research and development is it possible to elaborate on this remarkable tool. Recognized as the world’s leading automated resistance/Thermometers Bridge, the 6010D is ideal for both resistance and temperature measurement. With Automatic current reversal you can ensure that dc offset and thermal effects are undone during measurement.

MI Model 6010D has two inputs, Rx and Rs. The number of inputs can be increased to 40 if the 6010D is used in combination with the 4200 series Low Thermal Four Terminal Matrix scanners. Measurements and values can be performed automatically by the MI 6010SW. Delayed or scheduled measurements can all be performed at any time.

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