MI Model 4240A Low Thermal Matrix Scanner

The MI Model 4240A Low Thermal Matrix Scanner is ideal for use in automated stress and thermometer applications where a number of objects need to be calibrated efficiently and accurately. The MI 4240A improves efficiency by eliminating the need to constantly change connections when measuring multiple voltage sources. Model 4240A has 40 two inputs and two outputs.

The relays for the inputs can be activated using both front control and the IEEE488 Interface Bus. The corresponding LED indicates which channel is selected. Combined with model MI 8000A Automatic Potentiometer from MI, model 4240A is a means to realize a fully automatic voltage measuring system.

Ultra sensitive, high efficiency, polarized relay technology is used to eliminate automatic heating in the relay during the production of this low thermal matrix scanner. The relays are the latest technology used in the telephone industry. The relay boards are thermally insulated to maintain the balance in the switching areas. The low thermal terminals are mechanically connected to the copper pads on the relay boards. This to reduce the thermals normally generated by soldered connections, resulting in fewer switching errors. The connection cable can also be ordered with the 4240A voltage matrix scanner. The connection wire is available in two or four wire configurations. The wire can be ordered in lengths with screens already attached. No 18 gauge solid copper, silver plated, shielded Teflon cable is used.

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