The MI Coaxial Matrix Scanners models 4610A and 4620A are 10 and 20 channel specially designed for use in high resistance measurements. Instead of altering an existing design using PCB mounted drive relays, MI designed model 4610A and 4620A from the beginning. The 4610A features a fully coaxial sampling path from input to output. In this patented design, leakage paths are minimized to allow measurements up to 1T Ohm without noticeable uncertainty.

The 4610A and 4620A coaxial matrix scanners improve the efficiency of resistance measurement. They do this by eliminating the need to constantly change connection wiring when measuring groups of resistors. The input channels can be selected manually on the front panel or via the standard IEEE488 interface. This when the scanner is used in an automated system.

The software supplied with the model 6000B Automatic Resistor Bridge and 6600A High Resistor Dual Source Bridge will automatically check the 4610A and 4620A. This makes it possible to fully automate multiple resistance measurements and to schedule measurements at any time, for example at night when it is quiet in the lab.

The N-type connections are used for their superior insulating properties and are labeled High and Low on the front and back. The input and output channels are floating off the chassis ground and thus earthed by the measuring system. To connect the outputs to a measuring system, a set of N-Type to N-Type cables is supplied. Additional cables are available for connection to various other types of High Resistance connections.

LEDs on the front panel allow the operator to quickly see which channels have been selected. The scanners are specially designed with a built-in protection element. Which not allows connection of the same input channel to both outputs.

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