The MI 9313A multi value DC current shunt

The MI 9313A multi value DC current shunt is the latest development in the series of DC resistors and shunts from Measurements International (MI).

After many years of research into low resistance value materials, the 9313A multi value DC current shunt gives you the best performance of what is currently available on the market. Combined with MI’s experience in automated measurements at high current levels, accuracies of <0.02% can be achieved with power ratings from 5µΩ to 1Ω.

The chosen process in the treatment of the element ensures the best performance. And this without introducing automatic heating errors but with improved temperature coefficients. The elements support on an insulating base for mechanical stability and covered with perforated metal to ensure good cooling. There is special attention to the curing process of the elements. But also extra attention of reducing the overall temperature coefficient. Optimal surface dissipates the maximum specified surface power. Use the MI 9313A as a current shunt or as a set of standard resistors for calibration purposes. These include the calibration of high current, low resistance and micro ohm meters. The model 9313A operates in an air environment.

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