MI 7010C automatic capacity bridge

The MI 7010C automatic capacity bridge from Measurements International offers a wider capacity range and greater voltage sensitivity. Minimum voltage sensitivity for the full scale range has an accuracy of 100 volts. The 7010C is a microprocessor controlled, meteorologically based, high voltage capacity bridge. Its operation is fully automatic. A large vacuum fluorescent display presents relevant units of measurement such as capacitance (Cx) and dissipation factor (Tanδ).

Via the keyboard, the user can choose from a number of measurement values for statistical analysis of uncertainty calculations of 95% (2s) level.


The 7010C has a capacity ratio up to 1000:1 and dissipation (tangent loss) from 0 to 10%. with a resolution of 1 ppm. To accommodate capacitance ratios greater than 1000:1. An additional two-stage range extension, model 7020, can be added to increase the ratio to 2,000,000:1. All connections are made on the back of the instrument. The MI 7010C is fully transient protected.

By means of the IEEE488 interface all measured parameters can be sent and stored on a computer. The 7010C is a 1000:1 capacity bridge, making it ideal for both low and high voltage applications.

The automatic self-balancing function facilitates the use of the bridge for accurate load loss measurements of high voltage inductive loads.

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