MI 2100A power calibration system

The MI 2100A power calibration system from Measurement International is designed to generate voltages up to 240V and current strengths 5A at the power factor of “zero lag through unity, to zero lead”.

Fully automated, the 2100A is ideal for calibrating wattmeters, energy meters, watt hour meters, watt transducers and VA measurements to <20 ppm. Traceability is provided via a built-in standard resistor (12 k ohm) for in phase measurements and a standard capacitor (0.22 uf for 60 Hz) for quadrature measurements.

The MI 2100A calibration system is also suitable for calibrating its own resistance standard directly against an external standard. A controller and software are used to control the units via an IEEE488 interface. The system comes with a 1.8 meter equipment rack on castors for mobility. The rack is equipped with a pull-out drawer for placement of the Unit Under Test (UUT). All connections to the UUT are made from the front of the system. Up to three wattmeters can be calibrated.

A brief description of the MI 2100A

  • Power Calibration System
  • 240 Volt – 5 Amp
  • Driven Software menu
  • Watt Hour & Energy Meter Calibration
  • Uncertainty to <20 PPM
  • All Power Factors

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