Meatest WINQBASE Database software

Meatest WINQBASE Database software is designed to keep track of your instruments using instrument records. Calibrations done by Caliber software are then linked to these records as well as instrument serial number, inventory data, owner identification, calibration dates and methods.

Meatest WINQBASE Database software Instrument database

The list of available items in instrument records is almost endless. As noted above, the database covers every key aspect of the instrument, regardless whether it is your standard or a meter you got from your customer for calibration. Database is backed up with a mirror database and keeps all previous versions with dates and users who changed it. Backup to an external drive is also possible.

Calibration database

Calibration records include all previous results and dates and can be visualised in the same way as any other database. You can therefore print a list of instruments from all your customers whose calibrations are about to expire. System stores all changes and keeps all previous versions with dates and users who changed it, no record can be deleted from the database.

Linkage to Caliber

Linkage to Caliber is another important feature of WinQbase. You can run Caliber assisted calibration straight from WinQbase and the results will be automatically recorded to your database. Automated calibrations are done exclusively by Caliber, which has to be set up for your instruments. PC configuration with printer and remote control buses (RS232, GPIB or USB) is recommended.

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