Meatest multifunction calibrator M142 is End of Life and replaced by the Meatest 9010+.

The Meatest multifunction calibrator M142 is a calibrator for electrical quantities, for application in calibration laboratories and production lines where meters are produced and where voltage, current, resistance, capacity and frequency are the quantities to be calibrated. Harmonic and non-harmonic signals make it possible to test parameters of meters by signals with different crest factors.

The frequency modes make it possible to set the frequency, amplitude and duty cycle of the output signal. They are suitable for the basic calibration of oscilloscopes. The calibrator is equipped with the possibility to measure temperature with TC and RTD temperature sensors. The built-in multimeter can be used independently or in simultaneous operation with part of the calibrator.  Testing of transducers, controllers and evaluation instruments can thus be carried out without the intervention of other measuring instruments.

Basic features

The basic function of the Meatest multi-function calibrator M142 is to generate a calibrated DC/AC voltage, from 0 V to 1000 V DC/AC, and current in the range of 0 to 30 A . With a 50-turn current coil the range can be extended up to 1500 A. The best accuracy of the calibrator is 15 ppm at DC voltage. At AC voltage it is 250 ppm, at DC current 130 ppm and at AC current 550 ppm. The maximum frequency range is from 20 Hz to 100 kHz for harmonic waveforms.

The calibrator is equipped with a function to generate periodic non-harmonic signals with the defined crest factor. This makes it possible to test the sensitivity of multimeters to distorted signals. The calibrator is also equipped with a simulation function of resistance and capacitance. With the calibrator resistors in the range of 0 Ω in 1000 MΩ and capacitance of 1nF 100µF can be simulated with an accuracy enough for calibration of the most commonly used hand-held multimeters. Basic accuracy of the resistor ranges is 150 ppm, and of the capacitance it is 0.1%.

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