Meatest M550 impedance calibrator

The Meatest M550 Impedance Calibrator is designed to calibrate LCR meters in the frequency range up to 1 MHz. It contains resistance standards in the range 100 mΩ to 100 MΩ decimal nominal values, partial capacitance standards in the range 10 pF 100 μF and partial simulated induction standards in the range 1 μH to 10 H. The passive RC T-type network can be used for induction simulation.

The calibration values of complex parameters of partial standards are displayed in one of the pre-selected parameters. Accurate, temperature independent and long-term stable components are applied to positions of partial standards.

The calibrator offers coaxial output terminals for calibration of four pairs of terminal LCR meters or four mm banana terminals for 2- and 4-wire connection. Open and shorted reference positions are also available. The M550 is equipped with a meter and indicates frequency, voltage and current of the measurement signal.

The easy recalibration system offers full recalibration in all frequency points or simplified offset calibration. History of calibration values from partial standards at the reference frequency 1 kHz can easily be recalled. All functions of the calibrator can be controlled using the IEEE488 bus or RS232 interface.

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