Meatest M194 high resistance decade

The Meatest M194 high resistance decade is designed to calibrate insulation testers, megaOhmmeters and resistance ranges of safety testers, Hipot testers or other DC high resistance testers with test voltages up to 6 kV. In addition to the resistance source with a continuous range of 10 kΩ to 100 GΩ, the M194 has a built-in multimeter with test voltage or current.

Versions & Options Meatest M194

M194-V1000 base version with RS232
M194-V2xxx GPIB, USB and Ethernet interface extension
M194-Vxx1x 19″ rack version, height 3HE


All Meatest instruments are available with an extended warranty of 3, 4 and 5 years.
Supplied with EU plug, this can be exchanged for other types of plugs on request.

Accessories of the M194

option 10 Test cable 1000V/20A, 1m, black
option 191-11 Test cable 5000V/20A, 1m, red
GPIB cable IEEE488-IEEE488 cable, 2m
RS232 adapter RS232-USB generic adapter
RS232 cable male-female RS232 cable, 2m

The M194 in brief

  • Resistance range 10.00 k – 100.0 G
  • Resistance accuracy 0.1 to 1 %
  • Operating voltage to 6 kVDC
  • Short current mA – meter
  • Hot switching
  • Timing function
  • RS232 (optionally USB, IEEE488, Ethernet)


For more information about decade banks, please refer to the overview page or contact one of our consultants.

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