Meatest M191 Insulation Tester Calibrator

The Meatest M191 insulation tester calibrator is designed for the calibration of isolation testers, megaohmmeters and Hipot testers. The M191 calibrator is based on a programmable high resistance decadence with a range of 10 kOhm to 1 TΩ. The decade is designed for voltages up to 10 kV. This range offers a basic accuracy of 0.1% to 5%, depending on the set resistance value.

The M191 Insulation Tester calibrator is complemented with additional electronic circuitry, allowing not only the calibration of resistance ranges, but also the calibration of test voltages generated by UUT, short-circuit current verification, checking the functions for measuring the dielectric parameters such as polarization index (PI), dielectric absorption ratio (DAR) and the polarization ratio (PR). The calibrator also allows verification of the timer function of UUTs.

The calibration can be operated manually using the front panel keyboard or in remote mode using one of the two interfaces GPIB or RS232. The calibrator is supported by CALIBER software.


  • Programmable high voltage resistance decade
  • Resistance range from 10 kΩ to 1 T
  • Ω Operating voltage range up to 10 kV D
  • C Ground or floating operation
  • Built-in three fixed value high voltage capacitors from 10 nF to 100 nF
  • Built-in control high voltage voltmeter


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