Meatest’s 9010+ calibrator is the latest addition in a series of multi-function calibrators from Meatest. In addition to the small portable M160, M143 and 9000 calibrators, there are now the 9010 and the 9010+ where the 9010+ (the name says it all) is an even more enhanced version of the 9010. This unit is suitable for calibration of multimeters (up to 6½ digits), current clamp meters, ohm meters, power meters and power analysers, transducers, insulation testers, process meters, oscilloscopes and many other measuring instruments.

Besides an improvement in basic accuracy, we see a higher maximum current. This also benefits the range in power / energy calibration where the range has been greatly increased. In this function, it is now possible to use both the maximum voltage range and current range with which almost all energy meter ranges are now covered. Combined with the ability to set the phase angle between voltage and current and the ability to generate harmonics also gives complete coverage of power analysers.

In addition, two oscilloscope options are available in the 9010+. Besides the well-known 400MHz version, there is now also a 1.1GHz version. Of course, all the popular features of the 9010 have also been retained. Including full calibration of transmitters and external sensors (strain gauge, pressure, torque, force, etc.) using the built-in multimeter, automatic uncertainty calculation, remote control and easy re-calibration.

The Meatest 9010+ is controllable via RS-232, USB, GPIB or LAN interface. This also allows this calibrator to be fully integrated into widely used automation platforms for calibration. The software package WinQbase + Caliber is recommended for best automation results. This software is designed for automatic and semi-automatic calibrations of digital and analogue meters, including uncertainty calculation, result evaluation and certificate printing according to the ISO 17025 standard.

A unique camera readout module CamOCR, available in Meatest’s SW package Caliber/WinQbase, enables semi-automatic calibrations of multimeters that have no digital or Wi-Fi interface.


  • SCO 15Hz – 400MHz Scope option
  • SC1 15Hz – 1100MHz Scope option
  • HVR 1.5kV High-voltage resistance extension
  • MER Multimeter extension
  • Adapter 91 PT100 cold junction compensation
  • Adapter 9000-60 RTD Cable
  • Current Coil 140-50 (1500A Max)


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