The Magna-Power MagnaLOAD ARx series DC loads 6.75 kW – 40.5 kW+

The Magna-Power MagnaLOAD ARx series DC loads 6.75 kW – 40.5 kW+ are available in 24 models. These models are based on the by Magna-Power Electronics patented Active Resistance Technology. This is a binary switched resistor network in combination with linear technology based on conventional MOSFETs.

This series has a 16-bit resolution for programming and measuring functions of these DC loads, It is suitable for voltages from 200Vdc to 1000Vdc and currents from 15Adc to 900Adc. In addition to the standard CV, CC and CR modes, the Active Resistance Technology used in the MagnaLOAD ARx series offers the so-called Rheostat (control resistor) control mode.

Magna-Power Programmable DC loads

Magna-Power has an impressive line of DC power supplies but they also carry the MagnaLOAD product line with programmable DC loads. The ALx Series, ARx Series, and WRx Series consist of 39 water and air cooled models from 1.25 kW to 120 kW+. These models are suitable for voltages from 0-1000Vdc and 0-1.200Adc. All MagnaLOAD models are equipped with the MagnaLINK™ DSP controller and therefore contribute to impressive functionality. The loads are standard equipped with a 25-pin D-Sub connector for external I/O. This connector has 8 Digital Outputs, 4 Digital Inputs, 4 Analog Outputs, 4 Analog Inputs and is user configurable.

The models are:

  • ARx 6.75 kW
  • ARx 13.5 kW
  • ARx 20,25 kW
  • ARx 27.0 kW
  • ARx 33,75 kW
  • ARx 40.5 kW


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