The M192 programmable AC/DC resistance load from Meatest is a load based on physical resistance decadents. The physical resistors make this programmable load quite unique compared to the many electronically simulated resistors.

The models M192 and M192A can be loaded up to 3000 Watt and have a voltage range up to 250Vrms. The accuracy is 0.1% over the frequency range of DC up to 10 kHz. This also makes this load unique: most AC/DC loads have a limited frequency range. (up to 440Hz) This AC/DC load accepts two and four wire connection options and is available in a 19-inch rack version as well as a tabletop model.

This programmable AC/DC load is suitable for testing voltage sources, power sources, transformers and virtually all applications where a programmable resistive load is required. With good specifications, an RS232 and optionally an IEEE-488 interface, the M192 is also in place in calibration laboratories, production environments, service centers and within R&D development environments.

The programmable AC/DC load is available in two versions.
Model M192 has a resistance range of 15Ω- 4700Ω.
Model M192A has a range of 15Ω-300kΩ.

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