M151 current calibrator

The M151 current calibrator from Meatest is an accurate current source up to 120 A. It can be used to calibrate ammeters or as a stable current source for accurate measurements. The calibrator has a built-in multimeter that can be used for the simulation of a programmable transconductance amplifier or current amplifier.

The M151 current calibrator contains a large number of other functions that make it easier to use. For example, displaying output signal uncertainty, calibration and test procedures etc. The operation of the calibrator and indication of the status is shown on a large TFT color screen, which provides all the necessary information. The calibrator is controlled by opening the on-screen menus and selecting menus. Direct keys are assigned for frequently used functions. The calibrator comes with standard IEEE488 bus and RS-232, allowing the calibrator to be controlled from a PC.

The calibrator is supported in the automatic calibration system Caliber.

Summary of this instrument

  • Current 8 mA … 120 A (AC/DC)
  • Frequency 15 Hz … 1 kHz
  • Best accuracy 0.035 %
  • Simulated current and transconductance amplifier
  • Built-in process multimeter
  • Output capability 8 Vpk
  • RS232, IEEE488 (SCPI)


For more information about electronic calibration and current, please refer to the overview page or contact one of our consultants.

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