LDH400P electronic load

We no longer have the TTi LDH400P series in our product range, please refer to our overview page.

The LDH400P electronic load of TTi is an extension in the product range of TTI in the segment DC loads. The LDH400P is suitable for testing and characterizing a wide range of DC power sources. The load can be used to investigate the behaviour of many different types of power sources such as PFCs, batteries and solar cells, as well as electronic power supply units. The wide voltage/current range, the various functions and the built-in current generator offer a versatility of testing solutions for R&D laboratories up to component testing.


This load can be loaded up to a maximum power of 400 W. The maximum current is 16 A and the maximum voltage is 500 V. The LDH400P load can operate in constant current (CC), constant power (CP), constant resistance (CR), constant voltage (CV) and constant conductance (CG) mode. The LD400P has a variable duty cycle transient generator for dynamic loading of the DUT. Switching between the two pre-set load levels can be done between 0.01 Hz and 10 kHz and within all functions. These two levels can be set with high precision.

It is often important to follow the waveform of the current. The LD series offers a calibrated monitor output for this purpose. This can also be used as a synchronization for the transient generator. Some loads, such as rechargeable batteries, can be damaged if the output voltage drops below a certain level. With the LDH400P this can be protected: the current is quickly regulated to zero when the voltage drops below a preset value.

The load inputs of the LDH400P are classified according to CAT II (300V). This simplifies direct testing of PFCs and connected power supplies with the LDH400P. By eliminating the need for an isolation transformer, this saves space and costs.


The LD series offers analogue control for all functions. An IVI driver for Windows is included with all P models in the LD series. The LDH400P can also be controlled via USB, RS-232, GPIB and LAN interfaces isolated from the output.

For a complete overview of all our DC loads we would like to refer you to the DC loads page.


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