TTi LD400 DC load

We no longer have the TTi LD400 series in our product range, please refer to our overview page.

The TTi LD400 DC load is an attractively priced electronic DC load.
The range of the TTi LD400 DC load is 1V (40A max.) to 80V and 0 to 80A at a maximum power of 400 Watts, and for a short time even up to 600 Watts. This comes with a high resolution in terms of settings and high accuracy. For example, 1mA for the current and 1mV for the voltage up to 8V. All settings and measured values can be clearly read on the large LCD display.
This load can be used in constant current, resistance, conductance, voltage and power modes and is equipped with a built-in transient generator to define different load profiles. There are both front and rear connections (up to 30A) for universal use.
Up to 30 pre-programmed settings can be stored in an internal memory. Which is real easy with repetitive measurements.

The LD400-P version is equipped with USB, RS-232, GPIB and a LAN (Ethernet) interface so it can also be used in an ATE environment and operated completely remotely. Delivery includes an IVI driver for Windows to support high-level applications such as LabView, LabWindows, and HP/Agilent VEE.

The LD400 models are:

  • LD400, 80V/80A/400Watt
  • LD400-P, 80V/80A/400Watt + USB, RS-232, GPIB en een LAN (Ethernet)

For a complete overview of all DC loads in our rage, please check the electronic loads web page.


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