Itech Photovoltaic / solar simulator power supply

With the Itech Photovoltaic / solar simulator power supply a new high speed high performance power supply is launched. It is an assembly of the IT6500C series high power DC power supply equipped with SAS1000 solar simulation software.

The Itech Photovoltaic/solar simulator power supply accurately simulates the solar array I-V curve with a maximum voltage up to 1000V. The power can be expanded up to 100KW. It has fast response time, reproducibility, high stability and high precision. Model IT6500C has an EN50530 / Sandia / NB/T32004 / CGC/GF004 / CGC/GF035 SAS model that can easily program test regulations, materials, Vmp, Pmp parameters to simulate I-V characteristic output and generate reports. This system can be applied when testing static and dynamic maximum power tracking performance of photovoltaic solar inverters.

Itech 6500 Combined with SAS Models

             80V       150V/200V             360V             500V              750V           1000V
1800W IT6512C IT6513C IT6514C IT6515C IT6516C IT6517C
            120A         200V/60A               30A               20A               15A              10A
3kW IT6522C IT6523C IT6524C IT6525C IT6526C IT6527C
            120A         200V/60A               30A               20A               15A              10A
6kW IT6532C IT6533C IT6534C IT6535C IT6536C IT6537C
            240A       200V/120A               60A              40A              30A              20A
9kW IT6542C IT6543C IT6544C IT6545C IT6546C IT6547C
            360A       200V/180A              90A              60A              45A              30A
12kW IT6552C IT6553C IT6554C IT6555C IT6556C IT6557C
            480A       200V/240A             120A              80A              60A               40A
15kW IT6562C IT6563C IT6564C IT6565C IT6566C IT6567C
           600A       200V/300A             150A             100A              75A                50A
21kW IT6572C IT6573C IT6574C IT6575C IT6576C IT6577C
           840A        200V/420A             210A             140A            105A                70A
24kW IT6582C IT6583C IT6584C IT6585C IT6586C IT6587C
          960A        200V/480A            240A             160A            120A               80A
30kW IT6592C IT6593C IT6594C IT6595C IT6596C IT6597C
        1200A        200V/600A            300A             200A             150A              100A

The Photovoltaic/solar in brief:

  • Automatic wide range output, voltage up to 1000V
  • Power up to 100kW
  • Solar array simulate I-V function
  • Simulate the output of various solar cells
  • Static & Dynamic MPPT effiency test


Open the datasheet for detailed specifications of this product.

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