Itech IT8900 series DC loads

The Itech IT8900 series DC loads are high-performance programmable DC loads for inputs from 2 kW tot 54 kW. In master-slave parallel circuit a power rating of up to 384 kW can be obtained. These loads are solid and can be overloaded for a short period of time. IT8900A/E loads works for currents up to 2400 A in a 24U rack and are available in three voltage ranges: 150 V, 600 V and 1200 V.

Features of the IT8900A/E series DC loads

The electronic loads of the IT8900E series are able to work in CC, CV, CR or CP mode. On top of these modes the IT8900A offers CC+CV, CV+CR, CR+CC and CP+CC mode. This way a wide range of tests can be carried out. A selection of the innovative features available in the above modes is:

  • Analog control function by PLC 0-10 V or by using a signal generator.
  • Adjustable CV loop speed
  • CC/CV mode remains available in parallel operation of several units.
  • The latest CC+CV mode solves the problem of short surge currents
  • CV+CR operation makes it possible to simulate the ripple when testing LED drivers.
  • Dynamic tests up to 10 kHz with the E-series and up to 30 kHz with the A-series 150 V
  • A soft start and soft stop on the IT8900A models.


You will find features for battery testing, automatic testing and short circuit testing. Each model in the IT8900A and E series high-performance DC loads has precision and real-time voltage and current measurements  The settings can be saved for recall at any time. Power-off preserves the last settings.

Control is analog, via the front panel or via a host computer. The host can be connected via RS232, USB, GPIB, CAN en LAN. De IT8900A/E can be programmed via a SCPI command set. For the IT8900 series DC loads there are also several software tools available, as well as the Labview drivers.

This load has extended protections: OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, reverse connection, current limit and power limit protections.

The different IT8900 series DC loads models

An overview of the available models within the IT8900A/E series:


Input power 150V 600V 1200V Height
2kW IT8902-150-200 IT8902-600-140 IT8902-1200-80 4u
4kW IT8904-150-400 IT8904-600-280 IT8904-1200-160 4u
6kW IT8906-150-600 IT8906-600-420 IT8906-1200-240 4u
12kW IT8912-150-1200 IT8912-600-840 IT8912-1200-480 8u
18kW IT8918-150-1800 IT8918-600-1260 IT8918-1200-720 15u
24kW IT8924-150-2400 IT8924-600-1680 IT8924-1200-960 24u
30kW IT8930-150-2400 IT8930-600-2100 IT8930-1200-1200 24u
36kW IT8936-150-2400 IT8936-600-2400 IT8936-1200-1440 24u
42kW IT8942-150-2400 IT8942-600-2400 IT8942-1200-1680 37u
48kW IT8948-150-2400 IT8948-600-2400 IT8948-1200-1920 37u
54kW IT8954-150-2400 IT8954-600-2400 IT8954-1200-2160 37u


These high-power loads are designed for various tests in industry, defence, aerospace. Such as applications for testing DC charging stations, battery (car) discharge, testing of server power supplies, telecommunication power supplies, energy storage systems, fuses, relays, generators, converters for solar and windenergy and UPS.


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