The Itech IT8800 series DC loads

The Itech IT8800 series DC loads are high power DC loads for power ratings from 150 W to 55 kW. There are as many as 38 versions, allowing currents of up to 1,500 A. There are seven voltage ranges from 60 V to 1000 V.


The electronic loads of the Itech IT8800 series can work in many modes. These are constant voltage, current, resistance, power, and also the so-called CR-LED mode. With the latter, a LED load can be simulated.

Some of the other functions that are available with the Itech IT8800 series DC loads:

  • Remote sense function
  • Measuring resolution 0.1 mV, 0.01 mA
  • Adjustable flanks of the current pulse from 100 µA/µs to 2.5 A/µs
  • CR-LED operation makes it possible to simulate the ripple when testing LED drivers. This makes it possible to improve the speed and stability of the control loop, even with PWM dimming.
  • Dynamic testing up to 25 kHz


There are features for battery testing, automatic testing, and short circuit testing. Each model of the IT8800 series has precision and real-time voltage and current measurements with a speed up to 50 kHz. In addition, there is a unique feature for measuring the rise and fall time of a test voltage. This is important for testing power supplies and fuses. The actual current can be made visible on an oscilloscope via the current monitor output.

There is also an OCP/OPP test function, not to be confused with the own protection of this load. This function is mainly used for testing the protection of the DUT such as Lithium battery boards, and power modules. You can save the settings for recall at any time. With power-off, the last settings will be saved. Controlling goes via the front panel or via a PC. An analog interface is also available for control by, for example, a PLC in industrial production environments. Various software tools and Labview drivers are available for the IT8800 series.

The IT8800 is protected against overvoltage, overcurrent, high power, temperature, and reverse polarity.

Itech IT8800 series DC loads applications

These high power loads are designed for various tests. Among others: industry, defense, aerospace such as charging stations, discharging (car) batteries, and efficiency tests. But also testing the rated current of board electronics and servo systems, server power supplies, telecommunications power supplies, power storage systems, generators, LED drivers, MOSFETs, IGBTs, PFC modules, capacitor(s), rectifiers and UPSs.

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