Itech IT8700 series DC Loads

  • Removable modules for easy system configuration
  • Dynamic power distribution function for dual channels.
  • Measure short-circuit peak current value
  • Up to 25kHz transient mode and 100kHz list mode
  • Measurement resolution: 0,1mV, 0,01mA
  • Measurement speed up to 50kHz


The Itech IT8700 series DC loads are modular loads, which are assembled in a 19-inch frame containing four expansion slots allowing up to eight channels. Different one and two channel DC load modules can be placed in the frame, each occupying one slot. The main control frame can be expanded with an expansion unit with four slots allowing up to a total of sixteen channels to be placed in one system.

With the Itech IT8700 series DC loads there is a choice of eight different plugin modules with power ratings from 200 W to 600 W or twice 250 W or 300 W. The maximum output currents range from 15 A to 120 A. The voltage ranges are 0-80 Vdc and 0-500 Vdc. Control is via the mainframe control panel or via a host computer. The host can be connected via RS232, USB, GPIB and LAN.

The loads operate in CC, CV, CR and CP mode and dynamic mode. The rise time of the IT8700 can be set and there is a List function. This allows different waveforms to be executed as a dynamic load profile. In combination with an auto-test function, it automatically assesses whether the test result meets the specifications. The Itech IT8700 series DC loads are equipped with a measuring circuit for (peak) voltage and (peak) current with resolutions of 0.1 mV and 10 µA . The measuring speed of voltage and current goes up to 50 kHz so that the test is carried out quickly and accurately.

The LAN, GPIB, USB and RS232 interfaces are built-in and the IT8700 is programmable via SCPI. For the IT8700 series various software tools are available as well as Labview drivers. The IT8700 has self-diagnosis and extensive OVP, OCP, OPP and OTP safeguards.


The IT8700 series models are:

  • IT8731 :              DC Load Module 80V/40A/200W
  • IT8732 :              DC Load Module 80V/60A/400W
  • IT8732B :           DC Load Module 500V/20A/300W
  • IT8733 :              DC Load Module 80V/120A/600W
  • IT8733B :           DC Load Module 500V/30A/500W
  • IT8722 :              DC Load Module 80V/20A/250Wx2CH
  • IT8722B :           DC Load Module 500V/15A/250Wx2CH
  • IT8723 :              DC Load Module 80V/45A/300Wx2CH
  • IT8702 :              Four-load module main control unit with four interfaces
  • IT8703 :              Four-load module expansion unit


The Itech IT8700 DC loads are used to measure the performance of AC/DC and DC/DC power converters, chargers and other power supplies, in ATE test systems, for solar panels, LED drivers, communication equipment, aviation and many other applications.

If you have any questions about prices and/or delivery times of one of the Itech IT8700 series DC loads, please contact us. We will gladly advise you in choosing the best modular load for your application.

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