This model has been replaced by the IT8000 series. The Itech IT8300 series regenerative DC Loads are green electronic loads: instead of converting the energy into superfluous heat, it is fed back into the grid. The advantages are:

  • Better for the environment and a lower energy bill
  • No air conditioning needed to dissipate this excess heat
  • The lighter mains connection is often a financial advantage for larger capacities.
  • The units are quiet, compact and reliable due to the greatly reduced heat generation.



With the Itech IT8300 Series regenerative DC Load there is a choice of two voltage ranges: 80 V and 800 V. This allows suitable loads to be found for both low and high voltage applications such as those found in electro-automotive test rigs. Maximum load capacities are between 3.5 kW and 73.5 kW per unit and can be 105 kW or more by master-slave parallel operation. The maximum standalone input current is up to 3570 A.

The loads operate in CC, CV, CR and CP mode, Dynamic mode and List mode. There are functions for battery testing, automatic testing and short-circuit testing. Control is via the front panel or via a host computer. All important parameters are available on the built-in display: Vdc, Idc, Pdc, Vac, Pac, Fac and Wac. The host can be connected via RS232, RS485, CAN, USB, GPIB and LAN. An analogue interface is also available. The IT8300 is programmable via SCPI. For the IT8300 series various software tools are also available, as well as the Labview drivers.

The IT8300 has extensive OVP, OCP, OPP and OTP safeguards, grid status detection and anti-islanding protection. Feedback efficiency is up to 95%. The energy delivered back is tracked by means of a built-in kilowatt hour meter.


The versions in the IT8300 series are:

Type Voltage Current Power Dimensions
IT8311 80V 170A 3.5kW 3U
IT8321 80V 340A 7kW 3U
IT8331 80V 510A 10.5kW 3U
IT8341 80V 1020A 21kW 6U
IT8351 80V 1530A 31.5kW 15U
IT8361 80V 2040A 42kW 24U
IT8371 80V 2550A 52.5kW 24U
IT8381 80V 3060A 63kW 24U
IT8391 80V 3570A 73.5kW 24U
IT8312 800V 20A 3.5kW 3U
IT8322 800V 40A 7kW 3U
IT8332 800V 60A 10.5kW 3U
IT8342 800V 120A 21kW 6U
IT8352 800V 180A 31.5kW 15U
IT8362 800V 240A 42kW 24U
IT8372 800V 300A 52.5kW 24U
IT8382 800V 360A 63kW 24U
IT8392 800V 420A 73.5kW 24U



The Itech IT8300 Series DC Loads are used to measure the performance of DC/DC and AC/DC converters, high power supplies, motors, fuse and relay tests, for renewable energy sources such as solar panels, wind turbines, discharging large battery packs for energy storage, electric vehicles, fuel cells, stacks and many more applications.

If you have any questions about prices and/or delivery times of one of the Itech IT8300 Series DC Taxes, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you in choosing the best power supply for your application.

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