The Itech IT8000 Series Regenerative DC loads are powerful electronic loads in a compact format. The many integrated features allow the user to simulate different load profiles where the energy absorbed is returned to the grid. This environmentally friendly technique has an efficiency of up to 95% and significantly reduces the waste of energy, which is often lost as heat. With its modular design and high power density, the Itech IT8000 offers a load capacity of up to 18kW in 3U-high housing. Higher power ratings up to 1,152kW are made possible through master-slave parallel switching with active load current sharing.


The Itech IT8000 series is suitable for DC voltages up to 2.250V and currents up to 2.040A. A stand alone master – slave combination is suitable for a power up to 144kW. Parallel connection of several of these stand alone units makes an output of up to 1.125kW possible.

The standard built-in arbitrary waveform generator offers the user enormous flexibility in programming load profiles. The different profiles and steps are easily imported or exported via USB with the LIST function.

For use in current energy storage applications, this regenerative DC load is already equipped with a number of powerful functions as standard, including the;

  • Power accumulation function
  • Battery test function
  • Auto-test function
  • Short circuit test function
  • Pre-charging function


In addition, the IT8000 Series Regenerative DC Electronic load is provided with protections for: OVP/OCP/OPP/OTP/UVP, Vsense anti-reverse connection and voltage transient drop

For applications in an automatic test setup or ATE environment, communication is possible via USB/CAN/LAN/digital IO interface and optionally via GPIB/Analog&RS232. The programming functions support the SCPI protocol and LabVIEW drivers are available.


An overview of the models can be found below.

80V 300V
Model Current Power Model Current Power
IT8000-80-150 150A 5kW IT8006-300-75  75A 6kW
IT8010-80-300 300A 10kW IT8012-300-150  150A 12kW
IT8015-80-450 450A 15kW IT8018-300-225  225A 18kW
IT8030-80-900  900A 30kW IT8036-300-450  450A 36kW
IT8045-80-1350  1350A 45kW IT8054-300-675 675A 54kW
IT8060-80-1800  1800A 60kW IT8072-300-900  900A 72kW
IT8075-80-2040  2040A 75kW IT8090-300-1125  1125A 90kW
IT8090-80-2040 2040A 90kW IT8108-300-1350  1350A 108kW
IT8105-80-2040 2040A 105kW IT8126-300-1575  1575A 126kW
IT8120-80-2040 2040A 120kW IT8144-300-1800  1800A 144kW
500V 800V
Model Current Power Model Current Power
IT8006-500-40  40A 6kW IT8006-800-25  25A 6kW
IT8012-500-80  80A 12kW IT8012-800-50  50A 12kW
IT8018-500-120  120A 18kW IT8018-800-75  75A 18kW
IT8036-500-240  240A 36kW IT8036-800-150 150A 36kW
IT8054-500-360  360A 54kW IT8054-800-225  225A 54kW
IT8072-500-480  480A 72kW IT8072-800-300  300A 72kW
IT8090-500-600  600A 90kW IT8090-800-375  375A 90kW
IT8108-500-720  720A 108kW IT8108-800-450 450A 108kW
IT8126-500-840  840A 126kW IT8126-800-525 525A 126kW
IT8144-500-960  960A 144kW IT8144-800-600  600A 144kW
1500V 2250V
Model Current Power Model Current Power
IT8018-1500-40  40A 18kW IT8018-2250-25  25A 18kW
IT8036-1500-80  80A 36kW IT8036-2250-50  50A 36kW
IT8054-1500-120  120A 54kW IT8054-2250-75  75A 54kW
IT8072-1500-160  160A 72kW IT8072-2250-100  100A 72kW
IT8090-1500-200  200A 90kW IT8090-2250-125  125A 90kW
IT8108-1500-240  240A 108kW IT8108-2250-150  150A 108kW
IT8126-1500-280  840A 126kW IT8126-2250-175  175A 126kW
IT8144-1500-320  320A 144kW IT8144-2250-200  200A 144kW



These regenerative loads are suitable for a wide range of high power DC load tests in industry, defence, aerospace and energy storage systems. For example: testing of charging stations, discharging and loading of (car) batteries, fuel cells and batteries. But also server (DC) power supplies, telecommunication power supplies, generators, capacitors (banks), rectifiers and UPSs.

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