The Itech IT7900 series of regenerative grid emulators is yet another expansion is Itech’s range in the field of AC/DC power supplies.

The introduction of the IT7900 series of high power regenerative programmable AC/DC power supplies expands the range to include 5kVA, 6kVA, 9kVA, 12kVA and 15kVA versions. These are expandable up to 960kVA through master/slave configurations and parallel switching.

Specifications IT7900 series regenerative grid emulators

Let’s start with some basic specifications. Starting with the 6kVA version, there is a possibility of a single phase output, a three phase output, a “reverse phase” output for high voltages and a multi-channel output with three, independently adjustable, single phase outputs. The unit can be used for single phase grid, three phase grid, reverse phase grid (for 700Vrms) and multi-channel AC power supply. With multiple units it is also possible to emulate a 6 phase grid or 12 phase grid. The voltage of each phase is adjustable up to 350V L-N and the frequency from 16Hz – 150Hz. The phases are also individually adjustable from 0° – 360°, this allows an unbalanced grid to be simulated, among other things. In AC grid emulator mode, all kinds of grid contamination and harmonics can also be generated, even arbitrary waveforms.

  • The grid emulator can both supply and absorb power, returning this power to the grid.
  • A professional anti-islanding test mode is provided where RLC (resistance-inductance-capacity) parameters can be defined for testing the Anti Island detection circuits.
  • It is a four quadrant amplifier. (For especially also PHIL applications.)
  • There is also an accurate Power Analyzer built in with a multitude of measurements including harmonic distortion. With the built-in data logger function, you can also store the measurement results in the internal memory for a long time.


The IT7900 multifunctional power supply gives the user the choice of no less than four different output modes, namely AC, DC, AC + DC and DC + AC. Thus, there is the possibility to simulate both an AC grid and a DC grid. But also an AC grid where a DC offset applies. It is even possible to simulate a DC grid with an AC ripple.

Functionality and standardization tests

If testing is required according to the IEC EMC standards or Aerospace Defence standards, the IT7900 is an ideal partner. To save the user time, the power supply is equipped with pre-programmed routine tests for the IEC61000-4-11, 13, 14, 17 and 28 standards. All possible grid distortions and events can be applied to the waveforms. These include spikes, dips, interrupts, sags and surges. Through the STEP, LIST and PULSE modes, the various simulations can also be linked. Also harmonic distortions (up to the 50st at 50 or 60Hz) and interharmonic distortions can be generated.

Because the output impedance of the IT7900 is adjustable, the IEC61000-3-3 flicker standard can also be verified. For aviation and military, the following standards are available; ABD0100.1.8, ABD A350, ABD AMD24, Boeing 787, DO160, MIL-STD-704 and MIL-STD-1399-300B.

Measurement capabilities

The IT7900 also features an accurate and comprehensive Power analyzer. Parameters such as Crest Factor, power factor, active, reactive and apparent power are measured and optionally also stored in the internal memory for trend research. With the trend analysis function, these measured values can then be visualized graphically in detail.

Operation IT7900 high power programmable AC/DC power supply

The Itech IT7900 high power programmable AC/DC power supply has a clear and user-friendly user interface, which can be operated via a large high-resolution touch display or with PC software. The common communication ports such as USB, LAN, CAN and Digital I/O are standard present. Optionally one can also choose for GPIB and RS232.

Models Itech IT7900 series regenerative grid emulators

Model  Voltage Range Current Range Power Phase
IT7905-350-30U 350V L-N 30 A 5kVA
IT7906-350-90 350V L-N 90 A 6kVA 1Φ or 3Φ
IT7909-350-90 350V L-N 90 A 9kVA 1Φ or 3Φ
IT7912-350-90 350V L-N 90 A 12kVA 1Φ or 3Φ
IT7915-350-90 350V L-N 90 A 15kVA 1Φ or 3Φ
IT7930-350-180 350V L-N 180 A 30kVA 1Φ or 3Φ
IT7945-350-270 350V L-N 270 A 45kVA 1Φ or 3Φ
IT7960-350-360 350V L-N 360 A 60kVA 1Φ or 3Φ
IT7975-350-450 350V L-N 450 A 75kVA 1Φ or 3Φ
IT7990-350-540 350V L-N 540 A 90kVA 1Φ or 3Φ
IT79105-350-630 350V L-N 630 A 105kVA 1Φ or 3Φ
IT79120-350-720 350V L-N 720 A 120kVA 1Φ or 3Φ
IT79135-350-810 350V L-N 810 A 135kVA 1Φ or 3Φ
IT79150-350-900 350V L-N 900 A 150kVA 1Φ or 3Φ
IT79165-350-990 350V L-N 990 A 165kVA 1Φ or 3Φ


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