The Itech IT7600 series AC power supplies

Itech IT7600 series AC power supplies consist of high-quality programmable AC power supplies with advanced digital signal processing technology. The series includes models with power ratings from 750 VA to 3 kVA with frequencies from 10 Hz to 5000 Hz. The units are equipped with a comprehensive power meter and oscilloscope function and can be used in master-slave parallel operation. Thus, high power are delivered with a 1-phase AC output; even unbalanced.

The IT7600 series has a built-in arbitrary waveform generator to simulate harmonics and a variety of arbitrary waveforms. It also has strong measurement and analysis functions. The IT7600 can be used for a wide range of applications. Think of new energy applications such as charging stations. But also household appliances, power electronics such as transformers, fans, UPS, and avionics and military applications. And IEC standard tests in the development and application of the aforementioned. The Itech IT7600 series can be tested according to IEC 61000-4-11 with voltage variations, short-circuit interruptions and momentary voltage drop.


The IT7600 can display real-time waveforms of voltage and current on its 7″ display; either from a single unit or from the unit connected in parallel. The comprehensive built-in power meter can measure single-phase and three-phase. Up to the fiftieth harmonics of voltage and current from a 50 Hz to 500 Hz and up to the tenth harmonics of a 2001 to 5000 Hz signal can be measured.

The output can supply AC, DC and AC + DC. With this last possibility a distortion can be mimicked on a DC voltage. Arbitrary waveforms can be imported via .csv file format; a database with waveforms is already available. Harmonics can be generated up to the fiftieth of 500 Hz. As with the measurement, harmonics can be generated at higher frequencies up to 50 kHz. The IT7600 series AC power supplies offer List mode, Sweep mode, adjustable phase angle at start and protection: OTP, OCP, OVP, and OPP and can be controlled via USB, RS232, Ethernet or even GPIB and CAN by default.

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