Itech IT6700H programmable PowerFlex DC power supplies with wide range and higher output voltages.

The Itech IT6700H series is compact and widely applicable. These programmable DC power supplies deliver up to 3000 W of power at output voltages up to 1200 V. These power supplies at 2 U height do not take up much space. As a result, this power supply fits perfectly in many development and production departments. Excellent performance and a multitude of possibilities make this series widely applicable.


From 400 W to 3 kW, the complete series includes 17 models. The maximum output voltage and current is up to 1200 V or up to 220 A respectively. A wide range of voltage and current combinations is possible within the power supplied. As an example, the IT6723H 850 W power supply: at 300 V, up to 2.8 A can be supplied, and at 85 V and below, 10 A is the maximum current.

The units can be easily programmed, via the front panel remote via SCPI. Of course, these units are equipped with List mode for storing, calling and executing program steps.

The power supplies are OVP, OCP and OTP protected and from IT6723 equipped with USB, RS232 and GPIB interface. Thanks to an intelligent fan control system, this power supply is quiet at low load.


Model Power Voltage Current Size
IT6722 400W 80V 20A 1/2 2U
IT6722A 400W 80V 20A 1/2 2U
IT6723G 850W 600V 5A 1/2 2U
IT6723B 850W 150V 20A 1/2 2U
IT6723C 850W 32V 110A 1/2 2U
IT6723 850W 80V 40A 1/2 2U
IT6723H 850W 300V 10A 1/2 2U
IT6724B 1500W 150V 20A 1/2 2U
IT6724C 1500W 32V 100A 1/2 2U
IT6724H 1500W 300V 10A 1/2 2U
IT6724G 1500W 600V 5A 1/2 2U
IT6724 1500W 80V 40A 1/2 2U
IT6726B 3000W 160V 40A 2U
IT6726C 3000W 32V 220A 2U
IT6726H 3000W 300V 20A 2U
IT6726G 3000W 600V 10A 2U
IT6726V 3000W 1200V 5A 2U



The IT6700H is widely used for testing automotive electronics, EV battery test, battery simulation, LED, aerospace, solar panel I-V curve simulation, military applications, DCDC converters, inverter voltage drop test, engine start simulation, product life cycle test, testing of ultra-fast high voltage diodes, electrolytic capacitors, electromechanical control and use in ATE test systems.


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