Itech IT6500 series DC power supplies for higher powers

The Itech IT6500 series DC power supplies is a comprehensive range of programmable DC power supplies for higher powers. Outstanding performance and a multitude of functions and possibilities make this series widely usable. Add to this the modest size and auto-ranging function and you will understand why this power supply fits perfectly in many development and production departments.

With the latest technology from Itech, the IT6500 series offers a richly equipped and powerful test solution. With their fast response, these DC power supplies deliver a new level of performance in programmable power supplies.

Features of the Itech IT6500 series DC power supplies

From 800 W to 30 kW, the complete series include more than 100 models. The maximum output voltage and current are up to 1000 V and 1200 A respectively. Due to its car suspension, the Itech IT6500 is extremely versatile in many voltage and current ranges. In this series the power supply that perfectly meets the test requirements can be found.

The ‘C’ series

Within the IT6500 family, the ‘C’ series is a range with programmable output resistance and the fastest rise and fall times. The IT6500C models are designed for continuous sink/source applications such as automotive electronics, solar panel I-V curve simulation, DC motors, batteries and so on. The current sinking capacity of the IT6500C can be up to 100% and the power sinking up to 300% of the sourcing capacity due to the optional IT-E500 series power dissipator units. A traditional two-quadrant power supply shows a jump and discontinuity at the transitions between positive and negative current. The mentioned IT6500C series (1800 W-30 kW) is a fast two-quadrant power supply with CC/CV priority function to realize a fast current transition between the power supply mode and the electronic load mode in order to switch quickly and seamlessly between sourcing and sinking power. This prevents overshooting of voltage or current. This makes the IT6500C suitable for applications such as fast battery charging and discharging because accurate measurements can be taken.

The up/down time of 30 kW is less than 3 ms. Changed setpoints or loads are quickly processed without overshoot. For higher powers, multiple units can be connected in parallel in Master-Slave mode, ensuring excellent performance. The units are easily programmable via the front panel and via the supplied PC software. Of course, the units have List-mode for storing, retrieving and executing program steps.
Available modes are CV/CC/CP mode as power supply and CC/CP as electronic load. The power supplies are OVP, UVP, OCP, OPP, and OTP secured and the load is OCP, OPP and OTP secured. Optional is the anti-reverse protection on the C and D models.

The power supplies of IT6512, IT6513 and IT6500C series

The power supplies of the IT6512, IT6513 and IT6500C series offer built-in DIN40839, ISO-16750-2, SAEJ1113-11, LV124, and ISO21848 test curves to support the simulation function for testing the (solar panel I-V) voltage curves. These power supplies are standard equipped with analog, USB, RS232 and GPIB interface. The IT6500C and IT6500D series are additionally equipped with LAN and CAN interface and the IT6512(A), IT6513(A) and IT6502D of an RS485 interface.


The 113 versions of the Itech IT6500 series of programmable DC power supplies start at 800 W / 60 A / 80 V; and 1200 W / 30 A / 150 V via 30 kW / 1200 A / 80 V to 30 kW / 100 A / 1000V. An overview of all types can be found in the datasheet. If you need more power, please let us know.


               80V       150V/200V             360V             500V              750V           1000V
800W            IT6502D                    
1200W IT6512 IT6512A IT6513 IT6513A
             60A          150V/30A
1800W IT6512C IT6512D IT6513C IT6513D IT6514C IT6514D IT6515C IT6515D IT6516C IT6516D IT6517C IT6517D
            120A         200V/60A               30A               20A               15A              10A
3kW IT6522C IT6522D IT6523C IT6523D IT6524C IT6524D IT6525C IT6525D IT6526C IT6526D IT6527C IT6527D
            120A         200V/60A               30A               20A               15A              10A
6kW IT6532C IT6532D IT6533C IT6533D IT6534C IT6534D IT6535C IT6535D IT6536C IT6536D IT6537C IT6537D
            240A       200V/120A               60A              40A              30A              20A
9kW IT6542C IT6542D IT6543C IT6543D IT6544C IT6544D IT6545C IT6545D IT6546C IT6546D IT6547C IT6547D
            360A       200V/180A              90A              60A              45A              30A
12kW IT6552C IT6552D IT6553C IT6553D IT6554C IT6554D IT6555C IT6555D IT6556C IT6556D IT6557C IT6557D
            480A       200V/240A             120A              80A              60A               40A
15kW IT6562C IT6562D IT6563C IT6563D IT6564C IT6564D IT6565C IT6565D IT6566C IT6566D IT6567C IT6567D
           600A       200V/300A             150A             100A              75A                50A
21kW IT6572C IT6572D IT6573C IT6573D IT6574C IT6574D IT6575C IT6575D IT6576C IT6576D IT6577C IT6577D
           840A        200V/420A             210A             140A            105A                70A
24kW IT6582C IT6582D IT6583C IT6583D IT6584C IT6584D IT6585C IT6585D IT6586C IT6586D IT6587C IT6587D
          960A        200V/480A            240A             160A            120A               80A
30kW IT6592C IT6592D IT6593C IT6593D IT6594C IT6594D IT6595C IT6595D IT6596C IT6596D IT6597C IT6597D
        1200A        200V/600A            300A             200A             150A              100A

If you have any questions about prices and/or delivery times of one of the Itech IT6500 series DC power supplies please contact us. We will gladly advise you in choosing the best power supply for your application.


The Itech IT6500 is widely used for testing automotive electronics, EV battery test, battery simulation, LED, aerospace, solar panel I-V curve simulation, military applications, DCDC converters, inverter voltage drop test, engine start simulation, product life cycle test, and other applications.


Open the datasheet for detailed specifications of this product.

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