The Itech IT6400 series bipolar DC power supplies

The Itech IT6400 series DC power supplies are bipolar DC power supplies with battery simulation function. Characteristic for these IT6400 two-quadrant power supplies is the ultra-fast dynamic response time: less than 20 µs. The power supply is equipped with an oscilloscope display (DSO) to make the waveform visible, which makes testing with this instrument easy.


Due to the unique bipolar voltage/current output, the IT6400 series can be used as a bipolar power source or a bipolar electronic load. The battery simulation function is particularly suitable for the development and rapid production testing of portable, battery-powered devices. The IT6400 series power supplies consist of 1,5 W, 45 W, 2 x 45 W, and 150 W versions. The maximum output voltage is ±60 V, the maximum current is ±10 A.

Due to the newly designed speed shift function, the IT6400 achieves a fast-rising voltage and current without overshoot, with a rise time of up to 150 μs. Thanks to this stable behavior, LED tests are safe to perform. The ripple current is very small at 2 µArms. The output impedance is adjustable from 0 to 20 Ohm.

The front panel contains a lock for a USB flash disk. You can save screenshots on this disk to enable data analysis. On the IT6400, extensive electrical basic measurement functions are available. In each channel, a very accurate DVM is built-in with a reading resolution up to 1 mV. The measured data is displayed on the specified channel screen. The changes in voltage waveform measured by DVM can be detected using the oscilloscope display function.

These power supplies are standard equipped with LAN, USB, and GPIB interface.

Models of the Itech IT6400 series DC power supplies


Model Voltage Power Channels
IT6411 ±15V/±3A;±9V/±5A 45W 1
IT6411S  -15V-0V,0-15V/±0.1A 1.5W 1
IT6412 CH1:±15V/±3A;±9V/±5A CH2: 0-15V/±3A;0-9V/±5A 2 x 45W 2
IT6431  -15V-0V,0-15V/±10A 150W 1
IT6432  -30V-0V,0-30V/±5A 150W 1
IT6433  -60V-0V,0-60V/±2.5A 150W 1
IT6432H  -30V-0V,0-30V/±5A 150W 1
IT6433H  -60V-0V,0-60V/±2.5A 150W 1


The Itech IT6400 series DC power supplies are widely used for testing battery-powered products, battery packs, battery protection boards, LEDs, Power amplifiers, DCDC converters, Fast Charge (±10 A) and other applications.

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