The Itech IT6000D series is a new range of programmable power supplies for higher power ratings with compact dimensions. The series can provide stable high power in the lab or test system.

Features of the Itech IT6000D series

From 5 kW to 144 kW, the Itech IT6000D series include more than 60 versions. The maximum output voltage is 2250 V and the maximum current is 2040 A. Due to the auto-ranging power flex range, the maximum power of the IT6000D can be used over a wide range of voltage and current combinations. As an example the 18 kW IT6018D-500-120 power supply: at 500 V, up to 36 A can be supplied and at 200 V and lower 90 A is the maximum current.

This power supply saves a lot of space: an 18 kW unit fits in a 3U housing. The rise time of the Itech IT6000D series power supply is below 15..30 ms depending on the load. The dynamic response time is less than 2 ms. The fall time is below 1 s without load and below 100 ms with load. For faster fall times, the B and C versions of the IT6000 series are ideal. For higher powers, multiple units can be connected in parallel Master-Slave mode. The excellent performance is maintained. For example, an output of over 1 MW can be achieved.

The units are easily programmable and of course have List-mode for storing, calling up and executing program steps.

The IT6000D series power supplies are OVP, OCP, OPP, and OTP secured and are standard equipped with a multitude of interfaces: USB, CAN, LAN and digital IO interface. There are expansion options with GPIB, analog interface and RS232.


An overview of the versions can be found below.

80V 300V
Model Current Power Model Current Power
IT6005D-80-150 150A 5kW IT6006D-300-75  75A 6kW
IT6010D-80-300 300A 10kW IT6012D-300-150  150A 12kW
IT6015D-80-450 450A 15kW IT6018D-300-225  225A 18kW
IT6030D-80-900  900A 30kW IT6036D-300-450  450A 36kW
IT6045D-80-1350  1350A 45kW IT6054D-300-675 675A 54kW
IT6060D-80-1800  1800A 60kW IT6072D-300-900  900A 72kW
IT6075D-80-2040  2040A 75kW IT6090D-300-1125  1125A 90kW
IT6090D-80-2040 2040A 90kW IT6108D-300-1350  1350A 108kW
IT6105D-80-2040 2040A 105kW IT6126D-300-1575  1575A 126kW
IT6120D-80-2040 2040A 120kW IT6144D-300-1800  1800A 144kW
500V 800V
Model Current Power Model Current Power
IT6006D-500-40  40A 6kW IT6006D-800-25  25A 6kW
IT6012D-500-80  80A 12kW IT6012D-800-50  50A 12kW
IT6018D-500-120  120A 18kW IT6018D-800-75  75A 18kW
IT6036D-500-240  240A 36kW IT6036D-800-150 150A 36kW
IT6054D-500-360  360A 54kW IT6054D-800-225  225A 54kW
IT6072D-500-480  480A 72kW IT6072D-800-300  300A 72kW
IT6090D-500-600  600A 90kW IT6090D-800-375  375A 90kW
IT6108D-500-720  720A 108kW IT6108D-800-450 450A 108kW
IT6126D-500-840  840A 126kW IT6126D-800-525 525A 126kW
IT6144D-500-960  960A 144kW IT6144D-800-600  600A 144kW
1500V 2250V
Model Current Power Model Current Power
IT6018D-1500-40  40A 18kW IT6018D-2250-25  25A 18kW
IT6036D-1500-80  80A 36kW IT6036D-2250-50  50A 36kW
IT6054D-1500-120  120A 54kW IT6054D-2250-75  75A 54kW
IT6072D-1500-160  160A 72kW IT6072D-2250-100  100A 72kW
IT6090D-1500-200  200A 90kW IT6090D-2250-125  125A 90kW
IT6108D-1500-240  240A 108kW IT6108D-2250-150  150A 108kW
IT6126D-1500-280  280A 126kW IT6126D-2250-175  175A 126kW
IT6144D-1500-320  320A 144kW IT6144D-2250-200  200A 144kW


The IT6000D is widely used for testing automotive electronics, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, On-board chargers, data center and telecom power supplies, automatic testers, precision electroplating, sputtering, surface treatment and other applications.

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