Itech IT6000C series bidirectional power supplies

Itech IT6000C series bidirectional power supplies are programmable bi-directional power supplies for higher power with special features. This DC power supply is bi-directional (Also called unipolar power supply or two quadrant power supply ) and can source or sink power. Switching from source to sink is seamless. In addition there is the multitude of interfaces that are standard on the IT6000C. The battery test and emulation functions, the extensive solar array simulation for PV inverter test and the stability of this power supply at varying voltages and loads.


From 5 kW to 144 kW, the Itech IT6000C series comprises more than 40 models. The maximum output voltage is 2250V and the maximum current is up to 2040A. Due to the power flex range of voltage and current, the maximum power of the IT6000C is available over an extremely width range.

The IT6000C family offers fast rise and fall times and programmable output resistance. This is useful when emulating batteries, among other things. The IT6000C models are designed for continuous sink/source applications such as automotive electronics, solar panel I-V curve simulation, DC motors testing and battery testing. If this bi-directional power supply works as a load, the power consumed by the DUT is regenerated for feed back into the grid. For battery simulation and Fuel Cell simulation there is special software available; the BSS2000 battery simulation software and the FSC3000 Fuel Cell Simulation software.

A classic two quadrant power supply shows a jump and discontinuity at the transitions between positive and negative current. The IT6000C series is a fast two-quadrant power supply with CC/CV priority function to achieve a fast current transfer between the power supply mode and the electronic load mode, to switch quickly and seamlessly between sourcing and sinking power. This makes it suitable for measurements on fast battery charging and discharging without sacrificing accuracy.

The up/downtime of the IT6000C power supply is below 15..30ms depending on the load. The transient response time is less than 2ms. Modified setpoints or loads are processed quickly without overshoot. For higher power levels, several units can be connected in parallel in Master-Slave mode. The excellent performance is maintained. The units are easily programmable and of course have a List mode for storing, calling and executing program steps.

An Itech IT6000C unipolar power supply offers built-in test curves for automotive voltages and test curves to support the simulation function for testing the (solar panel I-V) voltage curves with the optional SAS1000 software.

The IT6000C series power supplies are OVP, OCP, OPP and OTP protected and come standard with USB, CAN, LAN and digital IO interface.

An overview of the models can be found below.

80V 300V
Model Current Power Model Current Power
IT6005C-80-150 150A 5kW IT6006C-300-75  75A 6kW
IT6010C-80-300 300A 10kW IT6012C-300-150  150A 12kW
IT6015C-80-450 450A 15kW IT6018C-300-225  225A 18kW
IT6030C-80-900  900A 30kW IT6036C-300-450  450A 36kW
IT6045C-80-1350  1350A 45kW IT6054C-300-675 675A 54kW
IT6060C-80-1800  1800A 60kW IT6072C-300-900  900A 72kW
IT6075C-80-2040  2040A 75kW IT6090C-300-1125  1125A 90kW
IT6090C-80-2040 2040A 90kW IT6108C-300-1350  1350A 108kW
IT6105C-80-2040 2040A 105kW IT6126C-300-1575  1575A 126kW
IT6120C-80-2040 2040A 120kW IT6144C-300-1800  1800A 144kW
500V 800V
Model Current Power Model Current Power
IT6006C-500-40  40A 6kW IT6006C-800-25  25A 6kW
IT6012C-500-80  80A 12kW IT6012C-800-50  50A 12kW
IT6018C-500-120  120A 18kW IT6018C-800-75  75A 18kW
IT6036C-500-240  240A 36kW IT6036C-800-150 150A 36kW
IT6054C-500-360  360A 54kW IT6054C-800-225  225A 54kW
IT6072C-500-480  480A 72kW IT6072C-800-300  300A 72kW
IT6090C-500-600  600A 90kW IT6090C-800-375  375A 90kW
IT6108C-500-720  720A 108kW IT6108C-800-450 450A 108kW
IT6126C-500-840  840A 126kW IT6126C-800-525 525A 126kW
IT6144C-500-960  960A 144kW IT6144C-800-600  600A 144kW
1500V 2250V
Model Current Power Model Current Power
IT6018C-1500-40  40A 18kW IT6018C-2250-25  25A 18kW
IT6036C-1500-80  80A 36kW IT6036C-2250-50  50A 36kW
IT6054C-1500-120  120A 54kW IT6054C-2250-75  75A 54kW
IT6072C-1500-160  160A 72kW IT6072C-2250-100  100A 72kW
IT6090C-1500-200  200A 90kW IT6090C-2250-125  125A 90kW
IT6108C-1500-240  240A 108kW IT6108C-2250-150  150A 108kW
IT6126C-1500-280  280A 126kW IT6126C-2250-175  175A 126kW
IT6144C-1500-320  320A 144kW IT6144C-2250-200  200A 144kW


The IT6000C is widely used for testing automotive electronics. For instance, EV battery test, battery simulation, LED, aerospace, solar panel I-V curve simulation, military applications, DC-DC converters, inverter voltage drop test, engine start simulation, product life cycle test and other applications.

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